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It goes without saying that we all try to practice safe riding. Group rides can have the tendency for riders to get caught up in the moment causing lapses in concentration. You'll learn a lot as you begin to ride and other riders will be eager to help, particularly when it comes to safety.  If you have questions, please ask any one of us.


1. Call out road hazards; e.g., hole left, crack middle, etc...

2. Observe "rules of the road"

3. Stay off the brakes, ride like there is always someone behind you

4. Pull longer, not harder, pull shorter, not slower

5. Don't half-wheel. Lead riders should ride handlebar-to-handlebar

6. Don't overlap tires with the rider in front of you 

7. Prevent gaps, accelerate easily from stops and out of turns

8. Surging.... avoid it by being smooth, and maintaining a steady pace

9. Try your hardest to be a member of the ride and be mindful of others you are riding with

10. Have a great ride and make new friends with others that share your passion


1. Bicycle in good working order, tires properly inflated

2. Personal safety gear, including, helmet and sunglasses

3. Flat repair kit, tube, and multitool

4. Hydration (2-bottle recommended), snacks, sunscreen, money, driver's license, and/ or Road ID 

5. Front-wheel and shoes (yep, people show up without them)

7. No headphones

8 Bike computer with GPS navigation is recommended

Pace Line

Most of our group rides will be a double paceline, meaning two rows of riders riding side-by-side. The paceline "rotates" to share the work and give everyone equal turns "pulling" and riding in the draft. We prefer to rotate on the front in a clockwise manner.  We feel this is the safest method as we always stay 2 abrest and never go 3 or 4 wide in the road. It works well but communication is key, especially between the two lead riders. During the ride, the left line is slowly moving up as a rider moves across the front to the right line, and the tail rider on the right rotates over to the left line to maintain an equal number of riders in each line. We'll be happy to explain when you ride with us. The key point to remember, again is being smooth, maintaining the pace of the group, and communicating when on the front.  

Double Paceline.jpg

Double Pace Line

Single Paceline.jpg

Single Pace Line

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