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Ride start: Pearland Bicycles' parking lot!


NEW ADDRESS 2819 Cullen Pkwy Ste 112, Pearland, TX

Tuesday & Thursday start time 6 PM 


start times are 7: 00 AM  (Saturday) & 7:30 AM (Sunday)

A group: 21+ mph (typical distance 60 mi) 
B group: 18 - 20 mph (typical distance ~ 40 mi)
C group: 15-17 mph, 30-40mi
Safety reminders: 
For emergencies call 911, for all others, loose dogs/cars/etc...

call Brazoria County Sherriff Office 979 864 2392 
1) Follow the rules of the road

2) wear a helmet 
3) ride on the right-most lane and do not cross solid lines 
4) stop at stop signs and traffic lights
5) do not pass cars on the right 
6) use common sense and ride predictably

7) ride no more than 2 abreast


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